Story copySpeaking of indonesians films, one can never miss mentioning the name of a “phenomenal” actor Soekarno M Noor. With his Broad vision, Soekarno M Noor together with Chairul Anwar and H.Syarwani established PT karnos Film on December 15 1977.  PT Karnos Film survived until at time with a highly phenomenal work in anticipation of the boom of television movies “Si Doel anak sekolahan” who created by Rano Karno , one of the best Indonesian Actor. The name Karnos Film soon becomes a reference in the world of television advertising and production of television show and movies in Indonesia.

Today, television and film industry faces a new challenge, it is a different time, different world. Change has begun, so Karnos film has to move fast. A young generation has appear and becomes a new soul of practitioners in this industry, with their new understanding in the rise of indonesian audio visual production.